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CSA Prevention Training

Training and consultation on the prevention of CSA to professionals and community organizations help people to understand the dynamics of CSA, notice signs, how to handle disclosures and who to report to. With awareness comes the need to be involved in implementing CSA prevention programmes and pilot projects, to adopt the child protection policy, or to respond effectively to the impact of trauma, helping them assess in a holistic manner the mental, emotional, physiological and community impact of CSA.

Personal Safety Programme for Children

This programme helps build children's self-esteem so that they will use the information and skills taught to them to protect themselves from all forms of abuse including bullying. Personal safety also equips adults with their responsibility to protect children. Personal safety teaches appropriate touching and respectful relationships by confronting the fact of abuse, as well as teaching positive touching and feelings. Personal safety teaches children their rights to feel safe all the time by giving them assertive skills to escape potentially dangerous situations and to keep seeking help from their support systems.

  • For low risk children in healthy families, personal safety teaches parents and children the right to express their opinions on how others touch them.
  • For high risk children who cannot say NO to a more powerful person in their life, personal safety teaches how to use support systems to report what happened and get help for early intervention.
  • For children who have been abused and cannot tell because of fear, personal safety teaches them that what happened was not their fault, thus hoping to mitigate long term effects caused by feelings of guilt and shame.